Just like other enthusiasts, we at Gallagher Ford can't wait for the world premiere of the 2021 Ford Bronco. With an iconic history as America's original SUV, there's no doubt that the Bronco's return is long-awaited by drivers around town.

The Built Wild Family

The new Bronco isn't just one vehicle, but a family of all-new SUVs that are built to go over any terrain. They live up to the original code-name for the Bronco, which was G.O.A.T. Along with the ability to conquer any terrain, the new Bronco family is powered by turbocharged EcoBoost engines, plus a rugged suspension and all-terrain tires. The new Bronco is truly ready to go anywhere you can take it.

Ford-Tested and Approved

A series of grueling tests and races ensure that the Bronco is built for adventure. The design hearkens back to the original with round headlights, a horizontal grille, and flat side panels. The Bronco's roof panels and doors can be removed on the two-door and four-door models, which lets you experience the outdoors as it's meant to be experienced. The Bronco is built for adventures away from the pavement, just like the original.

The Bronco's Wild History

The Bronco was designed to be an all-purpose, go-anywhere vehicle from the very beginning. The first Bronco roadster didn't come with solid doors or a roof, but you could get vinyl doors and a convertible top. The roadster included a bench seat in the back. The Bronco sport-utility had a short truck bed and a metal roof that only weighed 70 pounds, so it was easy to remove.

The first generation of Bronco was advanced for its time with a coil-spring front suspension. The short wheelbase made it easy to maneuver off-road, and it also had a very low turning diameter of 33.6 feet. With an increased track width, the Bronco had superior stability compared to its peers. Steep approach and departure angles, plus high ground clearance to navigate difficult terrain easily.

You can expect the new Bronco to offer off-road enthusiasts much of the same capability in a more modern package. Contact Gallagher Ford to learn more about the new Bronco today.

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