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All of our pre-owned vehicles must undergo a complete Safety Inspection BEFORE we make them available to our customers.

Top Pre-owned Sedans for Sale at Gallagher Ford

Looking for a great deal on a pre-owned sedan in Elko, NV? Then you will want to visit Gallagher Ford and see what we have to offer. We have one of the biggest selection of sought-after sedans in the region. See what we have in our inventory and get ready to save.

Why buy a pr-owned sedan?

Buying a pre-owned sedan can be a great value because you don't have to deal with the steep depreciation that comes with buying a new vehicle. Also, you can enjoy a pre-owned sedan much longer than you think when you keep up with the proper maintenance. Finally, if you are on a budget, you will have many more options for buying pre-owned as opposed to buying new.

Is a pre-owned sedan right for me?

A pre-owned sedan is a great choice if you want to keep your monthly payments low. You can find a large selection of quality, pre-owned sedans below the starting price of many new sedans. Also, a pre-owned sedan is a great idea if you want to get finished with your payments earlier. Finally, you may want to consider a pre-owned sedan if you are handy with your maintenance.

Our pre-owned sedan inventory

Our inventory includes many sedans from top automakers. However, we specialize in used Ford sedans at incredibly low prices. That includes the popular Ford Focus and the affordable Ford Fusion. You will find top Focus and Fusion models in various trim levels from several model years.

We also have quality, pre-owned vehicles from other automakers, such as Subaru, Toyota and Mazda. You'll find some excellent sedans in our inventory.  ALL of our pre-owned vehicles must undergo a complete Safety Inspection before they are made available to our customers.

Why shop with us?

At Gallagher Ford, we quality-inspect each one of our pre-owned vehicles to make sure that you get a top-quality ride. Also, we provide some of the lowest pricing in Northeastern Nevada to ensure that you get a great deal.

Take your pre-owned sedan test drive and save

Get more for your money when you shop at Gallagher Ford. Customers are encouraged to take a test drive and get an incredible pre-owned sedan deal today.